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Anil Baghi Hospital Successfully Performs Knee Replacement Surgery, Granting Pain Relief to Patient

Anil Baghi Hospital is pleased to announce a successful knee replacement surgery performed by renowned Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. Tajinder Bhalla. The patient, a 65-year-old woman, was experiencing significant pain and limited mobility due to severe knee problems.

“My mother was in a lot of pain and unable to walk,” shared the patient’s son. “We are so grateful to Anil Baghi Hospital for their excellent care. After a thorough diagnosis, Dr. Tajinder Bhalla performed a successful knee replacement surgery, and now my mother is pain-free and regaining her mobility.”

Dr. Tajinder Bhalla is a highly skilled surgeon with extensive experience in joint replacement procedures. He utilizes the latest advancements in surgical techniques and technology to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

“We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care and individualized treatment plans,” said Dr. Saurabh Baghi CEO & Cardiologist at Anil Baghi Hospital. “We are thrilled to see this patient experience such a positive outcome following her knee replacement surgery.”

Anil Baghi Hospital offers a comprehensive range of orthopedic services, including advanced joint replacement surgery.