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ABH Family Membership Card

Terms & Conditions

    1. Only first family members will be considered for enrolment of this card.
    2. If anybody wants to enrol more than five members (first family members only) he or she has to pay Rs. 500/- extra per member up to two extra members.
    3. Copy of Aadhar Card (of all family members) is mandatory for enrolment of the card.
    4. This membership card is valid for one year from the date of issue of card.
    5. This card is non-transferable under any circumstances.
    6. Membership fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
    7. ABH Membership card is not a payment card nor it is a proof of creditworthiness and attempts to use it as such could constitute fraud.
    8. It is mandatory to bring Adhaar Card along with ABH Family Membership card during OPD visits.
    9. When presenting a ABH Family Membership Card on visiting the hospital, the staff will issue a record of visit slip to the card holder or make a log entry.
    10. Owner of this card is solely responsible to maintain the card. ABH will not responsible for damage, theft or any unforeseen circumstances.
    11. Lost, stolen or damaged ABH Family Membership card is to be notified immediately to Anil Baghi Hospital. A charge of Rs.150/- will be levied for each replacement.
    12. In the event of the cardholder canceling or not renewing their ABH Family Membership Card, the card shall be invalid effective from the cancellation date or expiry date. Any hospital visits made by a cardholder using an invalid card, shall be charged to the cardholder.
    13. Renewal terms and conditions are at the discretion of ABH Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
    14. Visiting doctor’s OPD are not included in the ABH Family Membership Card
    15. Anil Baghi Hospital offers following benefits to the enrolled members:-
      • Free OPD for whole family for 1 year for any speciality for any number of times excluding pregnancy & IVF.
      • 5% discount on all lab investigations.
      • 5% discount on CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound & Mammography.
      • Only OPDs of full time specialists will be covered.
      • No limits on OPD visits during the year.

All other services will be charged separately.