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Back and spine pain are among the most common health concerns affecting millions globally. To address this prevalent issue and empower individuals with knowledge and expert guidance, Anil Baghi Hospital, a leading NABH-accredited super specialty hospital in Punjab, is organizing a live session on “Understanding and Managing Back & Spine Pain.”

This informative session will be held on Monday, 8th January, 2024, from 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM and will be led by Dr. Arif Hussain Sarmast, a renowned neurosurgeon with extensive experience in treating complex spinal disorders. Dr. Sarmast, a pioneer in minimally invasive neurosurgery, has successfully treated countless patients and is recognized for his expertise and patient-centric approach.
During the live session, viewers will have the opportunity to:
• Gain insights into the causes and types of back and spine pain.
• Learn about effective pain management strategies and treatment options.
• Receive valuable tips for preventing back and spine problems.
• Ask Dr. Sarmast questions in real-time.
To participate in the live session, viewers can tune in to the Anil Baghi Hospital Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/anilbaghihospitals). For further inquiries, viewers can contact Anil Baghi Hospital through its toll-free number: 1800 309 2730 or helpline number 75298-75298.