Welcome to Anil Baghi Hospital - NABH Accredited Tertiary Care

Anil Baghi Hospital, the NABH-accredited super specialty hospital and No. 1 ranked hospital in Punjab by the National Health Authority and State Health Agencies Punjab, announced its commitment to providing comprehensive 24/7 emergency and trauma care services to the community.

The hospital offers a wide range of services to cater to the needs of patients in critical situations, including:

• Emergency & Trauma Care: A dedicated team of experienced doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff is available around the clock to handle emergencies and provide timely treatment.
• Ambulance Services: The hospital operates a fleet of well-equipped ambulances to ensure prompt transportation of patients from the scene of an emergency to the hospital.
• Blood Bank: A fully-stocked blood bank ensures the availability of essential blood components for patients in need.
• Radiology and Laboratory Services: Advanced diagnostic facilities like radiology and laboratory services are available 24/7 to support quick and accurate diagnosis.

“We understand that timely access to quality medical care is crucial during emergencies,” said Dr. Saurabh Baghi, Cardiologist & CEO at Anil Baghi Hospital. “Our commitment to 24/7 availability for emergency and trauma care reflects our dedication to serving the community and saving lives.”

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For appointments:
• Toll-free number: 1800 309 2730
• Helpline number: 75298-75298
• Website: https://www.anilbaghihospital.com/book-an-appointment/