Welcome to Anil Baghi Hospital - NABH Accredited Tertiary Care

Residents of Firozpur and surrounding areas now have access to state-of-the-art endoscopic treatment options for kidney stones and prostate conditions at Anil Baghi Hospital. The renowned super specialty hospital boasts a dedicated team of experts, led by the acclaimed urologist Dr. Manbir Singh, specializing in minimally invasive procedures with superior recovery outcomes.
“We are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced and effective treatments available,” says Dr. Saurabh Baghi, the CEO and Cardiologist at Anil Baghi Hospital. “Dr. Manbir Singh’s expertise in endoscopic techniques offers patients with kidney stones and prostate issues a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery, often leading to shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, and reduced pain.”
OPD Timings: Patients can avail themselves of Dr. Manbir Singh’s expertise during the following OPD timings:
• Morning: 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM
• Evening: 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Advanced Procedures for Optimal Care:
• Endoscopic & Laser Treatment.
• Recurrent/Complicated UTI Management.
• Male Infertility & Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.
• Malignancy Management.
• Kidney Failure & Renal Transplant Support.

Anil Baghi Hospital recognizes the importance of making top-tier healthcare accessible to everyone. Anil Baghi Hospital provides free or cashless treatments under various schemes, including SSBY/Ayushman Card, ECHS, Railways, and other Insurance/TPAs, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder individuals from receiving the best medical care available.
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For appointments:
• Toll-free number: 1800 309 2730
• Helpline number: 75298-75298
• Website: https://www.anilbaghihospital.com/book-an-appointment/