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A 45-year-old patient suffering from persistent facial and head stiffness found relief at Anil Baghi Hospital, Firozpur. After visiting multiple hospitals with no improvement, the patient sought help online and discovered Anil Baghi Hospital’s expertise. Upon arrival, the patient consulted Dr. Asitama Sarkar the renowned ENT Consultant of the region, who Conducted a thorough diagnosis of frontal and maxillary mucocele with bilateral nasal polyposis.

Dr. Asitama Sarkar recommended Bilateral Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) with Nasal Polyp Excision under General Anesthesia. The successful surgery alleviated the patient’s symptoms, restoring their quality of life.

The patient’s brother expressed his gratitude to Dr. Sarkar, the hospital staff, and Anil Baghi Hospital itself. “The doctor has given a new life to my brother,” he said.

Dr. Asitama Sarkar’s expertise and Anil Baghi Hospital’s commitment to patient care are evident in this successful case. The hospital continues to serve the community by providing advanced treatments and personalized attention.

Anil Baghi Hospital encourages patients experiencing similar facial stiffness to seek consultation.

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