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Anil Baghi Hospital Now Offers Comprehensive Treatment for a Wide Range of Gastric and Liver Problems

Anil Baghi Hospital, a leading healthcare provider in the region, is now offering comprehensive treatment for a wide range of gastric and liver problems, including:

• Gastric problems

• Alcoholic liver disease

Chronic hepatitis B & C

• Liver cirrhosis

• Pancreatitis

• Endoscopic treatment for piles

• Heartburn & abdomen pain

• Chronic diarrhoea

• Stent placement in food pipe & intestines

• Jaundice

• Fatty liver

• Constipation

Dr. Harinder Singh Chhabra, a renowned gastroenterologist and hepatologist at Anil Baghi Hospital, said, “We are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care for their gastric and liver problems. Our team of experienced specialists is highly skilled in using the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Anil Baghi Hospital offers a wide range of treatment options for gastric and liver problems, including:

• Medications

• Endoscopic procedures

• Surgical procedures

The hospital also offers a comprehensive range of supportive care services, such as nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching, to help patients manage their condition and improve their overall quality of life.

Dr. Chhabra added, “We understand that gastric and liver problems can have a significant impact on a patient’s life. We are here to support our patients every step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.”

For more information about the gastric and liver disease treatment services offered at Anil Baghi Hospital, please call 1800 309 2730 or visit the hospital.

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