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Residents of Fazilka are in for a bonanza of specialized medical care as Anil Baghi Hospital and Navjeevan Hospital (Dr. Renu Dhuria’s Hospital) announce a Free Medical Camp on Tuesday, December 19th, 2023, from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. This collaborative initiative brings renowned neuro-surgeon Dr. Arif H. Sarmast and orthopaedics and joint replacement surgeon Dr. Tajinder Bhalla to Fazilka, offering free OPD consultations and specialized tests to the community.

Key Highlights of the Camp:
• Free OPD consultations: Patients can avail of expert advice and diagnosis from Dr. Sarmast and Dr. Bhalla, addressing both neurological and musculoskeletal concerns.
• Free BMD Test: This vital test for bone mineral density helps assess osteoporosis risk, particularly beneficial for older adults.
• Free Uric Acid Test: This test identifies elevated uric acid levels, a key factor in gout and other conditions.
• Convenient Location: The camp will be held at Navjeevan Hospital (Dr. Renu Dhuria’s Hospital) on Salem Shah Road, Fazilka, making it easily accessible for residents.
• Cashless Treatment Options: Patients covered under ECHS, SSBY, Railway, and other insurance plans/TPAs can avail of cashless treatment for eligible procedures.
• Prior Medical Reports: Patients are encouraged to bring old medical reports, if any, to facilitate quicker assessment by the specialists.
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