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Dr. Kamal Baghi, Founder and Chairman of Anil Baghi Hospital, Ferozepur, marked his birthday yesterday 11th December 2023, with a gesture of compassion and service. Joining hands with the Ferozepur Foundation team, Dr. Baghi distributed Langer to patients and their attendants at the Civil Hospital in Ferozepur.
This noble act not only provided much-needed sustenance to those seeking medical care but also embodied Dr. Baghi’s unwavering commitment to serving the community. Throughout his career, Dr. Baghi has championed the cause of accessible healthcare, establishing Anil Baghi Hospital as a leading medical institution in the region.
“My birthday is a time for gratitude,” said Dr. Baghi. “I am thankful for the blessings in my life and the opportunity to serve the people of Ferozepur. Sharing this special day with those in need at the Civil Hospital was a humbling experience.”
The Langer distribution was met with warmth and appreciation from the recipients. Many expressed their heartfelt wishes for Dr. Baghi’s continued good health and success in his endeavors to improve healthcare in Ferozepur.
Dr. Baghi’s birthday celebration serves as a reminder of the power of individual acts of kindness to make a positive impact on the lives of others. His commitment to serving the community inspires those around him and sets a high bar for social responsibility within the healthcare sector.
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