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A young mother at Anil Baghi Hospital recently experienced a smooth and comfortable delivery thanks to the hospital’s expert pain management techniques. The 28-year-old patient, under the care of renowned gynecologist Dr. Richa Arora, opted for an epidural after managing natural labor pains for 10 hours.

“I did my research and heard very positive things about Anil Baghi Hospital,” the patient shared. “After 10 hours of labor, the pain became unbearable, so I spoke with Dr. Arora again and opted for a painless delivery.” Dr. Arora recommended an epidural, a safe and effective method for pain relief during childbirth. “The epidural provided excellent pain relief for the final two hours of labor,” the patient said.

“I was able to actively participate in the delivery, and it resulted in a smooth and positive experience.” Importantly, the patient reported no back pain or side effects for herself or her healthy newborn baby. “The painless delivery was safe for both of us,” she emphasized. “I highly recommend Anil Baghi Hospital and epidural pain management to anyone considering childbirth options.”

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