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Judge Singh, a resident of Fazilka, had suffered for years with urinary tract issues, specifically a narrowed urethra restricting his ability to urinate properly. The frustration of visiting different hospitals without finding a solution led him to Anil Baghi Hospital, where he finally received the treatment, he desperately needed.

Under the expert care of renowned Urologist Dr. Manbir Singh, Judge Singh underwent a successful Johansons procedure operation. This minimally invasive surgery effectively widened the narrowed urethra, providing immediate relief and restoring his quality of life.
“I had lost hope after visiting so many hospitals without any positive results,” said Judge Singh. “Then, I heard about Anil Baghi Hospital from a friend, and Dr. Manbir Singh’s expertise gave me a renewed sense of optimism. The surgery was a success, and I am finally able to live comfortably again. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dr. Manbir Singh and the entire team at Anil Baghi Hospital.”
Dr. Manbir Singh, a leader in urology at Anil Baghi Hospital, emphasized the importance of seeking timely medical attention for urinary tract issues. “Early diagnosis and proper management can significantly improve outcomes for patients like Judge Singh,” he said. “We are proud to offer advanced urological care, including sophisticated surgical techniques like the Johansons procedure, to ensure successful treatment and restoration of patients’ well-being.”
Judge Singh’s story serves as a beacon of hope for others facing similar struggles. The availability of skilled specialists like Dr. Manbir Singh and access to advanced medical technology at Anil Baghi Hospital offer a ray of light for those seeking solutions to complex urological problems.
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