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Lovepreet Singh, a resident of Firozpur, found himself battling intense b/l flank pain and bloody urine, struggling with the agonizing symptoms of kidney stones. His search for relief led him to Anil Baghi Hospital, where he encountered renowned Urologist Dr. Manbir Singh.
“The pain was unbearable,” said Mr. Lovepreet Singh. “My urine flow was irregular and often bloody. It was terrifying.”

Dr. Manbir Singh conducted a thorough examination and diagnosis, confirming the presence of stones in both of Lovepreet’s kidneys. With expertise and compassion, he outlined a treatment plan, culminating in a successful surgical procedure.
“Dr. Manbir Singh explained everything, put my worries at ease, and performed the surgery with incredible skill,” said Lovepreet, expressing his unwavering gratitude. “One by one, he removed the stones from both kidneys, and now I feel fantastic. My life is back to normal.”
Lovepreet’s story showcases the exceptional care and expertise available at Anil Baghi Hospital. His testimonial highlights the dedication of Dr. Manbir Singh and the entire medical team, ensuring patients receive the highest quality of treatment alongside unwavering support.
“We are dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive, compassionate care,” stated Dr. Manbir Singh. “Lovepreet’s case exemplifies our commitment to utilizing advanced techniques and personalized attention to achieve successful outcomes.”
Lovepreet’s journey from pain to recovery not only signifies the triumph of individual resilience but also underscores the vital role of medical professionals in alleviating suffering and restoring hope. His story serves as a testament to the exceptional patient experience offered by Anil Baghi Hospital, making it a beacon of medical excellence in Firozpur and beyond.