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Anil Baghi Hospital Organizes Health Talk on Prevention of Heart Attacks and Heart Diseases

Anil Baghi Hospital, in collaboration with Rotary Club Ferozepur Cantt, organized a health talk on 13th October 2023 on the topic of “The prevention of heart attacks and heart diseases” at the monthly meeting of the Rotary Club Members at Grand Hotel, Ferozepur City.

The talk was delivered by Dr. Prof. Amal Kanti Sen, a leading senior interventional cardiologist at Anil Baghi Hospital. Dr. Sen discussed the various risk factors for heart disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, and obesity. He also emphasized the importance of lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight, in preventing heart attacks and heart diseases.

In addition, Dr. Sen answered questions from the audience about heart disease prevention and treatment. He also advised the audience to get regular checkups and screenings for heart disease, especially if they have any of the risk factors.

The talk was very informative and well-received by the audience. The Rotary Club members thanked Anil Baghi Hospital and Dr. Sen for delivering talk.

Mr. Vipul Narang (Rotary Club President), Senior Rotarian Mr. Ashok Behal, Coordinator Rtn. Mr. Kamal Sharma, Mr. Ashwani Grover, Rtn Dr. Anil Chopra, Rtn Dr. Lalit Kohli, Past President Rtn Sukhdev Sharma, President Elect Rahul Kakkar, Mr. D.S Sethi and all the members of Rotary Club were present during the health talk.

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About the Rotary Club Ferozepur Cantt

The Rotary Club Ferozepur Cantt is a service organization that works to promote social and economic development in the Ferozepur region. The club has over 21 members and is involved in a variety of projects, including healthcare, education, and environmental protection.

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Below are the glimpses of the health talk.